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Many components are important for the success of your project.

IDPM supports you from the beginning scrutinizing your technical requirements at a potential location and brings together all required project team members. 

This includes of course your internal divisions like IT or Facility Management.


For a co-ordinated project team with one shared target led by a project manager who is only obliged to you, the client.

Ongoing supervision by IDPM of the most relevant factors Schedule, Budget and Quality allows you to focus on your daily business despite running a complex office fit-out project abroad.


From project start to first day of business all scopes are executed according to your interests.


Communication is key in your project. The architect, the landlord, the decorator and the IT specialist, they all have to receive their required informations at the right time. You, the client, will get updates on the project regularly and effectively. 


IDPM is your project management for office fit-outs throughout Europe with strong skills in remote project management.


Ever since I graduated from Art Center (Europe) with a Bachelor of Science degree some 25 years ago, I worked as an entrepreneur and by participating in many projects I learned that projects would have benefitted tremendously from an independent project manager, especially in projects abroad. I was thinking of somebody who understands the client´s way of thinking, shares the same values and is 100% reliable. As a consequence of my experience, I started my own service business as independent project manager and competent clients became customers. Their trust allowed me to act as their responsible PM for various office projects in Europe and the Middle East. 

Oliver Kessler Munich

1.600 sqm / 14.400 sqft 
FDOB January 2012

„Oliver is an excellent organizer and deals effectively both with technical people and with those whom he reports. Superior under stress, Oliver actually appears to become more patient as stress escalates or conflicts emerge, making him an extremely valuable lead team member who can inspire excellent performance, ensure accountability, and build bridges even under duress.“

Susan Curran 
Director, Global Real Estate Projects

Citrix Munich

2.200 sqm / 19.800 sqft 
FDOB August 2013

„Oliver was the responsible PM in both build-out phases of our new office in Munich. 
He significantly contributed through his fair and professional interaction with the vendors, his technical expertise and his straight forward project control to meet the short-dated move-in deadlines.”

Detlef Kuhröber 
Sr. Manager Real Estate and Operational Services EMEA 

Informatica Stuttgart

4.200 sqm / 37.800 sqft 
FDOB September 2014

„With an aggressive schedule and tight budget, Informatica required a Project Management that was going to be able to deliver a high end product under the tightest tolerances. With enthusiasm, experience, and commitment to delivery, the project management listened, understood, and collaborated with our team from beginning throughout the completion of the project to capture Informatica’s vision for an exciting, more open, mobile and communal workspace for our Stuttgart office.“

Diego Cremona 
Global Facilities & Workplace Strategy 

Informatica Amsterdam

1.000 sqm / 11.000 sqft 
FDOB February 2016

„Oliver Kessler, just delivered our new Informatica Office in Amsterdam. The project was completed on time and significantly under budget. He was able to value engineer the workplace design while leveraging existing base building conditions. Oliver has the ability to remotely manage projects with complex project teams along with suppliers and contractors. He was also able to navigate some challenging clients and personalities. His enthusiasm and optimistic attitude help energize the team. He also has the unique talent of choosing very talented suppliers and contractors. Lastly, under the challenges of delivering complex projects, he remains calm and focused on resolving obstacles and issues with creative solutions.“

Corey Wong 
Global VP, Real Estate and Workplace Solutions 

Citrix Dubai

430 sqm / 4600 sqft 
FDOB September 2016

„A talented and successful PM who has worked on several of our projects pan EMEA. Great results are evident in the projects delivery to budget and timeline. With very good communication skills and the ability to work with all our stakeholders, Oliver is able to tie together the delivery of Real Estate, IT and Networks objectives to create a great project experience and I look forward to working with him again soon.“

Richard Margetts 
Director EMEA Real Estate & Facilities Services 

Citrix Madrid

622 sqm / 6.700 sqft 
FDOB November 2017

„If you are looking for a talented and successful Project Manager, Oliver Kessler is the one. He just delivered our new Citrix office in Madrid with great results. He was on budget, even with a 10% saving achieved and on time, despite suffering a few hiccups, days before the mayor move. Under the pressure of the project’s challenges, he remained focused and calm resolving the obstacles and delivering with excellent professionalism and great creative solutions. He has exceptional communication skills, he is enthusiastic and has the ability to work with all our internal stakeholders. He is proactive, practical and resolutive. Has a great expertise in tying IT, Networks, Real Estate and Design objectives together, to achieve great project results. Very much looking forward to working with him soon.“

Laura de Caso Basalo 
Manager Real Estate & Facility Services EMEA 

Juul Labs Zürich

438 sqm / 4.715 sqft 
FDOB November 2019

"It was a pleasure to work with Oliver. Throughout an extremely busy time at JUUL, he kept the project on time and on budget. The result is fantastic, offering our employees and highly functional, collaborative and optically beautiful office. We are thrilled with the result. A job very well done."

Jonathan Green 
General Manager

Juul Labs Switzerland


IPDM. is a branch of Oliver Kessler Design

Oliver Kessler Design GmbH


80336 Munich


Phone: +49 89 54 88 78 18

Mobile: +49 175 400 678 5

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